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Apple iPhone and iPad are well known devices for everyone all around the world. As you already know, on both those devices, there is only one button just below the display and it is called the home button. Every time, regardless of what we were doing, we need to press this button to return to the home screen or the default screen. Even if you accidentally entered into an unknown screen and if you have no idea where you are or what you are doing, the safest option is to press the Home button and return to home screen. As you have to press this button too many number of times per a day, there is a higher chance for getting this button damaged or not functional. To prevent that from happening to your iPhone or iPad, there is a handy solution called Assistive Touch.

Assistive Touch is a feature, you have to enable manually and after enabling it, it will provide you an additional home button on the touchscreen display. This feature is disabled by default, and can be enabled on both iPhone and iPad. It provides you not only just the home button, but also number of additional functions with it. While it is giving a break to your hard Home button, allows you to do more with a single button. That includes all the functions that were done by physical buttons, previously. As this button is situated on the touchscreen display, you only need touch it and it makes you very comfortable while using your device. Also this button is not fixed on place on touchscreen, so you can drag it to anywhere alongside the border of the touchscreen, so it won’t distract you when you are using the device.


Steps to Activate Assistive Touch Feature.


1. Return to the home screen from where ever you are.

Image showing the Step 1 of turning on Assistive Touch

2. Tap on Settings. it will take you to the Settings menu.

Image showing the Step 2 of turning on Assistive Touch

3. Then tap on General to go to general settings.

Image showing the Step 3 of turning on Assistive Touch

4. In General menu, tap on Accessibility option.

Image showing the Step 4 of turning on Assistive Touch

5. Then scroll down a little bit until you see AssistiveTouch. Tap on AssistiveTouch.

Image showing the Step 5 of turning on Assistive Touch

6. Now you can turn on the Assistive Touch by tapping on the slider in front of ‘AssistiveTouch’ label.

Image showing the Step 6 of turning on Assistive Touch

7. Now you can see a home button which appeared on the touchscreen.

Image showing the Step 7 of turning on Assistive Touch

8. If you tap on that new home button it will show you six functions. This includes a function to replace the hard Home Button.

Image showing the Step 8 of turning on Assistive Touch

9. You can tap on the Home function there. It will directly take you to the initial home screen.

Image showing the Step 9 of turning on Assistive Touch

If you want to turn off Assistive Touch, then you can follow through the same steps. At step six, you have to tap the slider in front of the ‘AssistiveTouch’ label again. It will turn that feature off.


Additional Functions offered with Assistive Touch Feature.

Assistive Touch will not only replace your hard Home Button. It will enable another six primary functions at your finger tips. Those six primary functions are as listed below.

  1. Home.
  2. Siri.
  3. Device.
  4. Control Center.
  5. Notification Center.
  6. Custom.

You can open Siri App, by tapping on the ‘Siri’ function. By tapping on  the Device, it will give you the options to control volume, lock the screen and some more. By tapping on Control Center or Notification Center, it will open, Control Center or Notification Center respectively. Before Assistive Touch, if you wanted to open the Control Center, you need to swipe the screen from bottom to upwards. To open the Notification Center, it is same thing but you need to swipe from top to downwards. The coolest thing about Assistive Touch is its sixth option, which is ‘Custom’ function. It gives you the flexibility to create custom gestures and save them with a name.

Using Assistive Touch feature, it will allow you play safe with the hard Home Button. Not only that, the Assistive Touch will allow you do lot more coolest things than the hard home Button. Now you know how to turn on and how to use Apple Assistive Touch. We are pretty sure that we made you excited about this amazing feature and most of you cannot wait until you check it out by yourselves. Go on, check it out. This could be one of the coolest things that you didn’t about your Apple device. Be sure to share your thoughts below in the comments section. And also like us on Facebook by clicking the Like button at right side bar. Also we have provided some links below, to purchase some of the Apple devices through You can follow them if you are interested in purchasing.

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