Image showing a Sylvania SDVD7040B Portable DVD Player

Do you like to watch movies or videos while on the move ? This is a great solution for you. Sylvania SDVD7040B 7 inch portable DVD player is great product for entertainment while travelling.  As this equipped with a 7″ Widescreen of 16:9 TFT color display, this will give you a great quality while watching movies and videos. With the rechargeable Lithion-ion battery you do not need to worry about power supplies or power sockets, when you are travelling.


Image showing a Sylvania SDVD7040B Portable DVD Player

This product is made in USA or sometimes it is imported from outside and it is good quality product with high durability. You can just insert the dv and watch the content of it and it is really simple to use. There are three colors available to choose from and they are Black, Pink and Met Blue. It has built in speakers for good quality sound. One weakness in this portable DVD player is it doesn’t have a remote controller but usually this is designed to watch videos while keeping it on the lap, it is not a huge issue. This item can be shipped to a number of selected countries outside of United States of America.

When you purchase this portable DVD player, you will get a one rechargeable battery and AC/DC power charger. This is a great product for the people who love movies. This product weighs only 816 g (1.8 pounds) so this product is very light weight and you will no feel any difficulty while using this. Display of this product provides a great picture quality and it is lot bet than many other product in the same class.

If you are someone who prefers to watch movies while on the way or someone who want try that new habit, this is a great product to start with. If you are interested in purchasing this product, just follow the link below.

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