Imag showing two SWISS+TECH ST60300 7-in-1 Key Rings

Today will introduce you a small, but very useful tool. This is called SWISS+TECH ST60300 Multi-Tool 7-in-1 Key Ring. It is actually a key ring which can be used join few key together. But it is more than just a key ring. There are 7 useful tools built in with that key ring. This tool is built as a key ring with idea of keeping it all the time in your pockets or somewhere nearby. And when it is attached to a one or few keys, then you don’t want to remember every time to carry this tool, because every time you carry your keys, this 7-in-1 tool is with you.

SWISS+TECH ST60300 7-in-1 Key Ring offers a range of handy tools on your key chain and they there with you every time you need them. Not like most multi-tool sets, this tool is pretty capable of doing some hard work. It is not just a toy and is pretty good for rugged use.


Tools included in SWISS+TECH ST60300 7-in-1 Key Ring.

  1. LED Flashlight.
  2. Phillips Screwdriver.
  3. Flat Screwdriver.
  4. Knife.
  5. Awl.
  6. Bottle Opener.
  7. Key Ring.

Image showing the included tools in SWISS+TECH ST60300 7-in-1 Key Ring

LED Flashlight in this tool is really useful. Even though it’s not brighter as a big flashlight with few batteries, this is producing a good enough light to do the job. Phillips and Flat Screwdrivers are always come in handy. Can you remember how many times have you worried because you couldn’t find a screwdriver? Now that is time is over. You will have to great screwdrivers always in your pocket.

Knife and Bottle Opener are also two great tools that might come real handy in your day-to-day life. Also it is equipped with a great Awl. These 3 tools are also capable of doing their job properly. And finally this whole tool can be used as a key ring. Therefore number 7 tool is the Key Ring. This handy key ring will keep your key together, so you won’t loose them easily.


Key Features of SWISS+TECH ST60300 7-in-1 Key Ring.

  • Tools snap into position.
  • Flashlight lights your work.
  • Soft-squeeze on/off button.
  • Sleek, durable, micro design.
  • Replaceable batteries included.
  • Ultra-bright white, 100,000+ hour LED.

Image showing a SWISS+TECH ST60300 7-in-1 Key Ring

If you want to read more about the product, you can download the Instructions document from SWISS+TECH website. And there is another Literature Document as well, in the original SWISS+TECH website. This is great tool to keep always in your pocket and there is no debate about that. But to keep it in your pockets, first you need to buy it. If you are interested in buying this product, then follow the link below.

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