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Ladies, today is the day for you, as we are introducing to you today, Phillips Ladyshave Sensitive HP6366/00 lady shaver on Smart Gadgets Hub. This is a product specially designed for the ladies who care about their cleanliness and their beauty, to remove their unwanted hair in the body. Phillips is an all time all time leader in manufacturing electronic goods and this product is one of their remarkable products which is few steps ahead of many other lady shavers in the market today. This lady shaver can be used for both wet and dry shave, and this is a really good feature for the ladies who want the flexibility in when they are doing their shaving jobs. Innovative double foil of this lady shaver protects your skin while providing you with beautifully smooth skin.


Image showing the innovative double foil of Phillips Ladyshave HP6366/00


Aloe vera strip for better skin hydration.


Image showing the Aloe vera strip of Phillips Ladyshave HP6366/00

There is an integrated aloe vera strip which will bring more comfort, to the ladies. This integrated aloe vera strip will increase skin hydration for a smooth and safer shave.




Up to 40 minutes cordless shaving.


Image decribes the shaving time of Phillips Ladyshave HP6366/00You can do your shaving jobs anywhere without worrying too much because it has got battery capable of proving 40 minutes cordless shaving time, which is enough for number of shaves.




Wet and Dry use.


Image describing the ability of dry and wet shave of Phillips Ladyshave HP6366/00Much more flexible for the ladies who are expecting the luxury of a wet and dry shave.





Double foil shaving head for superior shave.


Image showing the double foil shaving head of Phillips Ladyshave HP6366/00Double foil shaving head catch every hair providing close shave that minimizes skin irritation.





Pivoting head follows your body curves.


Image showing the pivoting head of Phillips Ladyshave HP6366/00Pivoting head follows your body curves so it’s easier like never before to shave each and every corner of your body.




Floating heads for reduced irritation and closer shave.


Image showing the floating heads of Phillips Ladyshave HP6366/00The floating heads of the shaver are designed to adjust seamlessly to every curve of your body, so it will minimize the pressure and irritation on your skin.




Ladies, this is going to be a great product for you, if you were looking for a high quality shaver which is capable of shaving in both wet and dry conditions. To purchase this great product you can follow the link below.

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