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Panasonic is a leading electronic equipments manufacturer and they are one of the best camera manufacturers in the world today. Now they have released their new ultra-light wearable Full High Definition (FHD) action camera called Panasonic A1. This is going to be a great experience for you and therefore we thought of introducing you, new Panasonic A1 ultra-light wearable Full High Definition (FHD) action camera today. This is a very small, light weight camcorder which can be worn in your body or helmet and it has the ability to capture everything you see in 1080p (1920 x 1080) Full High Definition (FHD). This might come in very handy whenever you want to capture some moments while you are participating in a some kind of sport or an adventure.


Key Features.

  • Videos : 1080p (1920 x 1080) Full High Definition (FHD) up to 30 fps
  • Photos : 2.7 Megapixels
  • Ultra-light, versatile and tough FHD wearable action video camcorder
  • Rugged 1.6 oz. (45.36 g) body
  • Dust and Water resistant
  • Shock resistant up to 1.524m (5 ft)
  • Freeze resistant  up to -10 °C (14 °F)
  • Wi-Fi and USB connectivity
  • Ideal for Point Of View recording of endurance events, climbing, diving, cycling and everyday adventure
  • Comes with a multi mount and a tripod mount, plus night vision IR lens


Ideal Choice for Any Environment


Image describing the usability of Panasonic A1 in rugged conditions

Panasonic A1 action camera is the lightest, most versatile 1080p Full HD video camcorder out there, with all the features like Wi-Fi, rugged, sleek, wearable at a weight of 45.36 grams and length of 3.3 inches. As it is designed for rugged conditions, you can use it in all weather conditions and in any season and also it fits easily into your pocket for convenient mobility. With the included and optional mounts, clips and other accessories, you can add more angles to your recordings. This Panasonic A1 comes in two colors and the camera’s built-in 480 mAh battery easily recharges via micro USB. So you have every thing you need to capture the rush of an adventure in any season, from climbing and caving to snorkeling, trekking, cycling and more, as well as everyday recording.


Ultra-Compact, Ultra-Rugged


Image showing a group of people engaged in tough activities

As Panasonic A1 is so light weight and smaller in size, it never interferes with action or movement and in fact, you might even forget that you are wearing it. Also this camcorder is designed to be used in rugged conditions, therefore it is as durable as it gets and it won’t get damaged so easily. Both body and lens are dust resistant, water resistant and shock resistant up to 1.524m (5 feet) and freeze resistant up to -10 °C (14 °F).


Brilliant Color and Detail


Image describing the brilliant color and detail can be captured from Panasonic A1

Wherever you go, the 3.54 Megapixel Panasonic A1 brings home the action in brilliant 1080p Full High Definition (FHD) video color and detail, with crystal clear AAC sound. The high end, super tough Panasonic 2.6mm, F2.8 lens easily withstands the elements to capture everything. And a super compact 1/3 inch MOS image sensor makes shooting in low light a snap.


Slow Motion Video


Image describing the slow motion videos which can be captured from Panasonic A1

You can also create slow motion videos of fast moving objects by capturing those objects in a recording mode which supports a higher frames per second (fps) rate. With Panasonic A1 you can choose to record from two slow motion recording modes which are 1280 x 720 HD at 60 fps or 848 x 480 Low Resolution at 120 fps, so you can capture fast moving objects like skiing and motorsports with smooth movements of those objects.


Share the Rush with Wi-Fi


Image describing the video sharing features in Panasonic A1

With built-in Wi-Fi, the Panasonic A1 can share the recorded videos quickly and easily to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. And with the wireless Twin Camera function, you can send Panasonic A1’s video to a compatible video cam via Wi-Fi for simultaneous, dual angle picture-in-picture recording. Also you can send Panasonic A1’s video to a smartphone and use the smartphone’s display as a remote control. After the shooting is done and when you are back home, you can enjoy the adventure with everyone in the family, by transferring all the stuff you captured, to the PC or the Laptop via USB or camcorder’s microSD, microSDHC or microSDXC memory card. Panasonic A1 does not come with a memory card included and you need purchase a microSD, a microSDHC or a microSDXC memory card separately.

If you are into adventures and want to capture the adventures you will be engaged in future, then Panasonic A1 will be a great companion for you. If you want to purchase this amazing product, then follow the link below.

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