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Nikon in one of the leading DSLR cameras manufacturer in the world. There digital compact cameras are also really good. Today we decided to tell you about Nikon COOLPIX L340 Digital Compact Camera. With 20.2 Effective Megapixels and 28x Zoom lens, it’s pretty unusual to be a compact camera. Also this is capable ofrecording 720p (1280 x 720) High Definition (HD) Videos at 30 frames per second (fps). This is very feature rich compact camera and you definitely gonna love it.

Image showing a photo captured with Nikon COOLPIX L340

Key Features.

  • Photos : 20.2 Effective Megapixels.
  • Videos : 720p (1280 x 720) High Definition Video at 30 fps.
  • Zoom : 28x Optical Zoom | 56x Dynamic Fine Zoom.
  • LCD Display : 3.0″ | TFT LCD | Anti-reflection Coating | 460K dots.
  • Larger ergonomic design for easier shooting.
  • 16 Scene Modes to easily match your situation.
  • Legendary NIKKOR glass lenses.
  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries for the convenience.

Unboxing video of Nikon COOLPIX L340 from YouTube.

With this great digital compact camera, you can take photo anywhere. The superb 28x optical zoom telephoto lens with Vibration Reduction, allows you to take sharp 20.2 megapixel photos. The camera is designed with a high end grip. Therefore it makes the Nikon COOLPIX L340 unbelievably easy to use. You can use Easy Auto Mode to do the work of making great images or else you can select one of 16 Scene Modes that suits the situation best.

Image that describes the zooming capability of Nikon COOLPIX L340

With the 28x optical zoom NIKKOR glass telephoto lens, you can take detailed close-ups of faraway action. Vibration Reduction keeps your photos sharp and your videos steady. This come real handy for cameras with such a long lens like this. Also Nikon COOLPIX L340 is equipped with 56x Dynamic Fine Zoom which is a enhanced digital zoom function. It doubles the zooming capability, when you need more reach. The COOLPIX L340’s high performance NIKKOR glass lens is paired with a 20.2 megapixel CCD image sensor that captures bright, vibrant photos.

Image showing the capability of Dynamic Fine Zoom feature of Nikon COOLPIX L340

56x Dynamic Fine Zoom capture of the above scene

The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hands and puts key controls like zoom and movie record right where you want them. This makes for more stable zooming, framing, shooting and video recording. You will feel a difference when handling the Nikon COOLPIX L340 for the first time.

There is a dedicated movie button which will instantly start recording 720p High Definition (HD) video in widescreen format. The inbuilt microphone captures the sounds of the moment in high fidelity (Hi-Fi). You can connect Nikon COOLPIX L340 to a compatible TV with a optional audio-video cable and watch your movies on the big screen. There are 16 Scene Modes available, including Snow, Night Portrait, and Sunset. You can also choose Easy Auto Mode and let the camera choose for you.

Image showing the large LCD screen of Nikon COOLPIX L340The large, LCD display makes it easy to compose your shots or monitor your video recording. As every shot looks fantastic on the display, reviewing and sharing your creations is also a pleasure. The renowned NIKKOR glass optics have helped make Nikon the choice of many photographers. This digital compact camera is powered by four AA batteries which very convenient to use because they are widely available. Therefore you don’t need to worry about finding exact model of batteries for this digital compact camera. It accepts alkaline, lithium and Nikon rechargeable batteries.

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This is a king among the other digital compact cameras and this highly look like a DSLR camera with its rich features. To purchase this remarkable digital compact camera, just follow the link below.

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