Image showing few Mini MAGLITE PRO+ LED 2-Cell AA Flashlights and some beautiful backgrounds

MAGLITE is a well known brand in USA, for producing high quality and durable flashlights. Today we are going to introduce you one of their top selling compact flashlights, which is Mini MAGLITE PRO+ LED 2-Cell AA flashlight. This flashlight is few steps ahead of many other compact flashlights and with its smaller size and the handle with higher grip, it is lot easier to handle in compact spaces. As this is a very small flashlight, you can easily carry it in your pocket when it is not in use. Also this product is pretty good for rugged use as it is water resistant and drop resistant up to 1 meter, so you don’t have to worry too much about the safety of your handy flashlight.


Image showing the key features of Mini MAGLITE PRO+ LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight


Technical Specs.

  • Technology : LED
  • Beam Distance : 150m
  • Lumens : 245 lm
  • Peak Beam Intensity : 5600cd
  • Water resistant : Yes (IPX4)
  • Drop resistant : Up to 1m
  • Run Time (High) : 2h 15min
  • Run Time (Low) : 27h
  • Battery Type : AA Cell Alkaline
  • Battery Quantity : 2
  • Batteries Included : Yes
  • Rechargeable : No
  • Power Management : Yes
  • Type : Compact
  • Head Diameter : 25.4mm (1.0 inches)
  • Barrel Diameter : 18mm (0.709 inches)
  • Weight With Batteries : 117.75g (4.15 oz.)
  • Colors Available :  Image showing available colors of Mini MAGLITE PRO+ LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight

Image showing the special features of Mini MAGLITE PRO+ LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight

This flashlight is a handy product not only with its features but also with its look which is perfectly designed with smooth edges and curves, so that you gonna love its iconic beauty. Also this flashlight is equipped with the same renowned, high precision optics, that the MAGLITE brand has always stood for, so this product will bring a great quality to your world when you you are looking for a light. This product is available in six different colors to choose from.


Sketch of Body Parts.


Image showing a sketch of body parts in a Mini MAGLITE® PRO+ LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight


  1. Tail cap
  2. Lip Seal, tail cap
  3. Battery spring
  4. Barrel-LED Switch Assembly
  5. O-ring, barrel
  6. Head
  7. O-ring, head
  8. Reflector
  9. Clear lens
  10. O-ring, face cap
  11. Face cap


Image showing the two packaging types available for Mini MAGLITE PRO+ LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight


There are two types packaging available for Mini MAGLITE PRO+ LED 2-Cell AA Flashlight, so you can purchase it in either packaging type as you desire. If you are purchasing this just for yourself, and for your day-to-day use, you can choose to purchase it in regular Blister packaging. But if you are purchasing it as a gift to someone else, then the Presentation Box packaging is the one that most suitable for you, because it adds a more value and a more beauty to this product, as well as someone who you are purchasing it for, deserves such a quality from your gift.

As this is the PRO+ edition of this remarkable flashlight, which we are introducing here, there are two “PLUS” factors in this edition which are not available in the normal PRO edition of this product. One is, PRO+ edition offers new, powerful electronics, driving the state-of-the-art LED light engine to an impressive lumen output at the “high” setting. The other is, PRO+ edition lets the user choose between two output levels, one will produce maximum brightness and the other will conserve power.

This flashlight is going to be a real handy product when you got stuck in the dark, and also this flashlight is pretty rugged and comes with a easy-to-handle shape, so this is going to be one of your best buddies, who is gonna help you out, when you are in difficulty. This is a product that everybody should keep with them in their day-to-day life. Also you can find out more information on MAGLITE Warranty and FAQs by visiting the MAGLITE Support. To purchase this handy product for yourself, just follow the link below.

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