Image showing few MAGTAC LED Rechargeable Flashlights with accessories

Today we will introduce you and another lighting product from MAGLITE, a well known brand in USA, for producing high quality and durable flashlights. This is a rechargeable flashlight called, MAGTAC LED Rechargeable Flashlight Plain Bezel. This product comes with all necessary tools in the box. So it is going to be very useful product for you. Also this product is pretty good for rugged use, as it is water resistant and drop resistant up to 2 meters.


Image showing the technical Specs of MAGTAC LED Rechargeable Flashlight


Technical Specs.

  • Technology : LED
  • Beam Distance : 178 Meters
  • Lumens : 533 lm
  • Peak Beam Intensity : 7878cd
  • Water-Resistant : Yes (IPX4)
  • Drop Resistance : Up to 2m
  • Run Time High : 2h 30min
  • Run Time Low : 4h
  • Battery Type : LiFeP04
  • Battery Quantity : 1
  • Batteries Included : Yes
  • Rechargeable : Yes
  • Power Management : No
  • Type : Tactical
  • Head Diameter : 26.67mm (1.050 inches)
  • Barrel Diameter : 26.67mm (1.050 inches)
  • Weight With Batteries : 155.9g (5.5 oz.)
  • Colors Available : Image showing the available colors for MAGTAC LED Rechargeable Flashlight

Image that describes the parts of MAGTAC LED Rechargeable Flashlight

This Plain Bezel version of MAGTAC LED Rechargeable Flashlight can be charged by plugging into a USB port with the provided USB cable. Or else you can plug it into a wall socket by connecting the USB cable to the adapter provided. Also there will be a car charger adapter in the box. If you need to charge you flashlight while on the move, then you can connect the USB cable to the car charger adapter and plug it into the car. USB cable will not directly connected to the flashlight itself. It is connected to the USB powered mountable charging base, where you can place the MAGTAC LED Rechargeable Flashlight.

Image showing a MAGTAC LED Rechargeable Flashlight

There are 4 Functions available to select, through Mag Instrument’s tailcap-switch-activated “Quick-Click” mode selector. Momentary, Also there are two modes available for you to use this product. If you use Full Power mode which is 533 Lumens, then battery will last about 2 hours 30 minutes. If you use the the Power Save mode which is 112 Lumens, you can preserve the battery up to 4 hours. Also this product comes with a handy detachable pocket clip.

Image showing the detachable pocket clip of the MAGTAC LED Rechargeable Flashlight

Detachable Pocket Clip

This is a very useful gadget for your daily life. This great companion will beat the dark for you, making your task easier. You can find out more information on MAGLITE Warranty and FAQs by visiting the MAGLITE Support. To purchase this product, you can follow the link below.

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