Image showing some MAGLITE ML100 Flashlights

Today we are going to introduce you something that everybody is going to need in their day to day life. That is MAGLITE ML100 LED Flashlight, which delivers you an optimum light output and performance oriented features in a sleeker compact design. This is a equipment that everybody might need when performing their day to day tasks and therefore it is wiser to keep this somewhere you could easily reach because you will never know that when you going to need it.

Image showing the special features of MAGLITE ML100 flashlight

MAGLITE ML100 LED Flashlight is available in either 2 or 3 Cell C size and these advanced lighting instruments are driven by next generation MAG-LED Technology. Due to the advancements in the technology, this MAGLITE ML100 Flashlight is equipped with more features than the previous versions of MAGLITE Flashlights. This new MAGLITE ML100 Flashlight is got an amazingly bright light and longer battery life than ever before. To make it more durable, manufactures have made the MAGLITE ML100, Drop Resistant up to 1m and Water Resistant too. Also you can personalize it for quick access to your preferred functions.


Image showing the key features of MAGLITE ML100 flashlight


Technical Specs.

  • Technology : LED
  • Water Resistant : Yes (IPX4)
  • Drop Resistant : Up to 1m
  • Beam Distance : 307m
  • Peak Beam Intensity : 23571cd
  • Lumens : 137lm
  • Run Time High : 13h
  • Run Time Low : 48h
  • Run Time Eco : Not Available
  • Battery Type : C Cell Alkaline
  • Battery Quantity : 2
  • Batteries Included : No
  • Rechargeable : No
  • Power Management : No
  • Color : Black
  • Type : Full Size
  • Head Diameter : 50.216mm (1.977 inches)
  • Barrel Diameter : 30.455mm (1.199 inches)
  • Length : 232.029mm (9.135 inches)
  • Special Features
    • Full Power
    • Power Save (25%)
    • Strobe (12/sec)
    • SOS (International Morse Code)
    • Momentary On/Off


Sketch of Body Parts.

Image showing a sketch of body parts in MAGLITE ML100 flashlight

  1. Tail cap
  2. O-ring, tail cap
  3. Battery spring
  4. Barrel/LED Switch Assembly
  5. O-ring, barrel
  6. Reflector
  7. Clear lens
  8. O-ring, face cap
  9. Face cap


This is a really good product for your day to day life and more importantly it is great product to be used in rugged conditions. You can find out more information on MAGLITE Warranty and FAQs by visiting the MAGLITE Support website. To purchase this product simply follow the link below.

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