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In the previous post, we introduced one of the latest Samsung Galaxy Tablets which can suit your needs of mobile computing. Today we are going to introduce you an another tablet and this is manufactured by Apple, which is the the main competitor of the Samsung. Tablet we are going to talk about today is Apple iPad Air 2. Even though people used call it, iPad for long time and tried to give it a unique identity, it is also just a Tablet. iPad is just the name given for it by Apple, but when we speak in general, it is just a Tablet which is competing with the other Tablets manufactured by Samsung and other vendors. You can choose the Apple iPad Air 2 in three amazing colors which are Silver, Gold and Space Gray.

  • Display : 9.7″ | 2048 x 1536 | LED Backlit Wide Multi-Touch
  • 4G FDD LTE : 20 LTE Bands
  • OS : iOS 8
  • Processor : A8X chip with 64‑bit architecture | M8 motion coprocessor
  • Storage : 16GB | 64GB | 128GB
  • Photos (Rear Camera) : 8 Megapixels
  • Photos (Front Camera) : 1.2 Megapixels
  • Videos (Rear Camera) : 1080p (1920 x 1080) Full HD Video at 30 fps | Slo-mo 720p (1280 x 720) HD Video at 120 fps
  • Videos (Front Camera) : 720p (1280 x 720) HD Video
  • Camera Zoom : 3x Video Zoom


Not just a thinner display. A better display.


Image describing the thinner display of iPad Air 2

Thinnest iPad display ever but provides a great quality with vivid colors

The displays on previous generations of iPad used three separate components. iPad Air 2 changes all that, combining those three layers into just one. This eliminates gaps between layers, along with the internal reflectance caused by those gaps. The result? Not only did this make the display thinner, it made it better, with more vivid colors and greater contrast. iPad Air 2 has a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 and that it has 3.1 million Pixels. As this is a 9.7″ display, it has got 264 Pixels per inch.


Two amazing cameras. Cleverly disguised as an iPad.


Image showing the new iSight camera in Apple iPad Air 2

New iSight Camera

The new rear camera which is called iSight camera is the best iPad camera yet, with advanced optics, an improved sensor, and a powerful Apple-designed image signal processor. If you took photos from this camera, you won’t believe how good a photographer you are. The new iSight camera in iPad Air 2 captures incredibly detailed photos and professional-looking 1080p Full HD videos. This camera is equipped with powerful image signal processor in the A8X chip which improves the Face Detection technology to detect more and smaller faces. Also it provides number of features like Time-lapse VideoExposure Control120‑fps Slo-moBurst ModeTimer Mode and High‑resolution Panorama. The front camera which is called FaceTime HD camera has been redesigned, too, and with its new sensor your video calls look better, even in low light.


 So thin and light design.


Image describing the depth and weight of Apple iPad Air 2

Thinnest iPad ever and it is so light weight

This iPad Air 2 is a device that is immensely powerful, yet so thin and light you almost forget it’s there. A device that helps you do amazing things, without ever getting in your way. iPad Air 2 is an impossibly thin 6.1 mm, making it the thinnest iPad ever and also it weighs only 0.96 pounds. This iPad is 18% thinner than the previous versions of iPad.


Image describing the comparison between iPad Air 2 and previous iPad models


Massive power, in its most minimal form.


Image showing the massive power of Apple iPad Air 2

Massive power of iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 is as powerful as many personal computers due to the new chip designed by Apple, which is the A8X which has a 64-bit desktop-class architecture, that delivers substantially better CPU and graphics performance than its predecessor. Even though it is so powerful, it has a 10-hour battery life that lets you work, play, surf, and shop all day long thanks to the M8 motion coprocessor. So the power efficiency of the processor allows you to do more while carrying less.


Image describing the improvement of CPU Performance and the Graphics performance of Apple iPad Air 2

Improvement of CPU and Graphics Performance

The A8X chip has an astonishing 2.5 times the graphics performance of the A7 chip. So iPad Air 2 delivers graphics once possible only on desktop computers and gaming consoles. Graphics intensive games and video editing apps run superbly, and they look gorgeous on the big Retina display.


Image describing the Graphics performance in Apple iPad Air 2

More than double the Graphics Performance in iPad Air 2


Security based on a one-of-a-kind design, your fingerprint.


Image descriging the Touch ID technology of the Apple iPad Air 2

Touch ID technology of the iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 gives you an unprecedented level of security because through Touch ID technology using nature’s most perfect password: your fingerprint. You can make secure purchases in iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store with just a one touch. Touch ID is capable of 360 degree readability. No matter how you’re holding it whether it is portrait, landscape, or anything in between, your iPad knows who you are.


Image describing the technology behind Touch ID in Apple iPad Air 2

Technology behind Touch ID

The Home button on iPad Air 2 is made from a sapphire crystal surrounded by a stainless steel ring. When you touch the button, the steel ring detects your finger and the crystal sends an image of your fingerprint to a sensor. Software then reads the ridges of your print and confirms a match. And it all happens in the blink of an eye.


Apps designed for iPad let you do everything you want to do with it.


Image describing the available apps for Apple iPad Air 2

Huge number of Apps available for iPad Air 2

There are powerful apps available in iPad Air 2 by default, for the things you do every day, like surfing the web, checking email, editing movies and photos, writing reports, and reading books. And there are hundreds of thousands of apps on the App Store, designed specifically for the large Retina display. So you will find an great app for whatever you are going to do, whether it’s photography, gaming, traveling, or managing your finances. Also iPad Air 2 is powered by the iOS 8 is the most advanced mobile Operating System ever. And with the rich features like Family Sharing and iCloud Drive, that makes iPad Air 2 even more indispensable. Every feature in iOS 8 designed to work seamlessly with iPad Air 2, taking full advantage of its powerful A8X chip, faster wireless, and brilliant Retina display.


 What more ?

Apple iPad Air 2 comes in two models which are Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi and Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular. Both of them are pretty similar and have the all features discussed above. But Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular model has some additional features which are not available in the Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi model. You can choose the model whichever that suits you needs. Apple iPad Air 2 is equipped with location services like Digital compass, Wi-Fi, iBeacon microlocation, Assisted GPS and GLONASS (only in Wi-Fi + Cellular) and Cellular (only in Wi-Fi + Cellular). It also equipped with sensors like Touch ID, Three-axis gyro, Accelerometer, Barometer and Ambient light sensor. Apple iPad Air 2 also supports Wi-Fi 802.11 a/​b/​g/​n/​ac 2.4GHz+5GHz, HT80 with MIMO and Bluetooth 4.0 as well. This powers by a built-in 27.3 watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and you can charge it via power adapter or USB to computer system. To purchase your own Apple iPad Air 2, follow the link below.

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