Image showing a DJI Phantom 3 Professional

We have introduced you earlier, 2 of the DJI drones which has inbuilt camera on it. They are DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. We believe that a flying camera which can shoot Ultra High Definition video from air, is something that anyone would love. Now the good news for those people is, DJI has introduced their latest drone, DJI Phantom 3, which is the first drone of the Phantom 3 series. Even though it is a much more advanced drone, appearance of it is pretty much similar to the previous Phantom 2 Vision+, except for the color. The next important thing is there are two editions of DJI Phantom 3 according to the specs of the camera, and those to editions are called Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced.


Image showing camera of the DJI Pantom 3

Camera of DJI Phantom 3

Video Recording of DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

  • 4K (4096×2160) Ultra High Definition (UHD) Video up to 25 fps
  • 4K (3840×2160) Quad Full High Definition (QFHD) Video up to 30 fps
  • 1080p (1920 x 1080) Full High Definition (FHD) Video up to 60 fps
  • 720p (1280 x 720) High Definition (HD) Video up to 60 fps

Video Recording of DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.

  • 1080p (1920 x 1080) Full High Definition (FHD) Video up to 60 fps
  • 720p (1280 x 720) High Definition (HD) Video up to 60 fps

Also both of these editions support shooting photos of 12 Megapixels. Except for the video recording specs, and rated power amount in the battery, all the other features are the same in both the Professional and Advanced Editions. From these two editions, Professional edition is the much better one which can shoot more professional videos. Therefore if you are interested in shooting more professional, high quality videos, then definitely you should go for the DJI Phantom 3 Professional edition. With this integrated, stabilized camera, which can capture content fit for the big screen, with crisp images, beautiful resolution, and vivid colors, your DJI Phantom 3 brings your imagination to life.

4K (4096×2160) UHD video shot by DJI Phantom 3.

Photo taken from DJI Phantom 3.

Photo taken from DJI Phantom 3


Live HD View.

Image showing the Remote Controller of DJI Phantom 3

Remote Controller of DJI Phantom 3

As the previous DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, in this DJI Phantom 3 also you can see what the camera sees in real time by establishing a wireless connection between Phantom 3 and your smartphone or tablet using the DJI’s Lightbridge technology. Also you can place your smartphone or tablet in the holder of the remote controller same as before. In Phantom 2 Vision+, you could see only a low quality compressed real time video, but in Phantom 3 you can view real time 720p (1280 x 720) HD video on your smartphone or tablet. This HD video streams to you in absolute clarity, enabling you to get that perfect shot and feel what it’s like to be above your world without ever leaving the ground. But for this, a tablet is highly recommended because the screen of most smartphones may not support the resolution of 720p (1280 x 720) HD video. Even if it supports the resolution of 720p (1280 x 720) HD video, due to the smaller size of the screen, you wont be able to experience real quality of the video which is being shot by the camera of the DJI Phantom 3. DJI’s Lightbridge technology is built into both the remote controller and the DJI Phantom 3 itself, giving you full control at nearly triple the range of previous Phantom models, up to 2km. In the previous DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, the maximum range was only up to 700m.


Image describing the Maximum Range in DJI Phantom 3

Maximum Range in DJI Phantom 3


Powerful Mobile App.

Image describing the Powerful App for DJI Phantom 3

Powerful App for DJI Phantom 3

Complete power is at your fingertips. Control the camera and change flight settings, all from your smartphone or tablet with the DJI Pilot App. Also you can use the following features.

  • Automatic video editor
  • Ability to live stream your flights to YouTube
  • Live map that tracks your Phantom 3
  • User friendly interface for adjusting full camera and flight settings
  • And many more…


Vision Positioning.

Fly indoors, low to the ground, and in GPS free areas with Vision Positioning technology. Visual and ultrasonic sensors scan the ground beneath your DJI Phantom 3 for patterns, enabling it to identify its position and move accurately.


Easy to Fly.

Image that lists Auto-Pilot elements of DJI Phantom 3Flying the DJI Phantom 3 is remarkably intuitive and easy, because from takeoff to landing, it’s completely under your control, responding to your commands while automatically handling the most complex aspects of safe, stable flight. There are 3 Auto-Pilot options available at a touch of a button, which makes flying DJI Phantom 3 even more easy. When triggered the Auto-Takeoff option Phantom 3 will turn on its motors and rise to a preset height. When GPS is available, your Phantom 3 remembers the exact spot that it took off from. So when the Auto-Return Home option is triggered, Phantom 3 will return right back to the position where it took off and land safely. Failsafe option is automatically triggered when the Intelligent Flight Battery is running low, or if your Phantom 3 loses the connection with your remote controller for any reason. After the Failsafe is triggered, the Phantom 3 will automatically return to the takeoff position and land safely as similar to the Auto-Return Home option.


Intelligent Battery.

Image showing the Battery of DJI Phantom 3

Battery of DJI Phantom 3

Higher voltage, more energy, and greater power have combined together to give you a vastly improved flight experience. This upgraded Intelligent Flight Battery has built-in sensors, so it will let you know the status of your battery in real time. Therefore you will always know how long you can continue flying and when it’s time to recharge. Recharging is fast and easy, and the Phantom 3 Professional edition comes with an upgraded charger for substantially reduced charge times.


SDK Development.

Image that lists options of DJI Software Development KitIf you have a new idea that requires a view from the sky, then you can develop your own app, using the DJI Software Development Kit. DJI Phantom 3 platform is fully open and allows you to program your apps to,

  • Control the camera
  • Access real time footage
  • Gather flight data
  • Program the Phantom 3 to follow you
  • Set way-points and assign actions for Phantom 3
  • Set point of interest to always face towards it



Now you can take every vacation, camping trip, late night party, and even every selfie, to heights never thought possible, with this new DJI Phantom 3. To experience the amazing things you can do with DJI Phantom3, you can purchase it by following the link below.

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